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What People Say About Us


Lonely Planet - This could be the most scenic jump you ever do


Wow... Speachless... Breathless... Fearless...

Thank you for such an awesome experience!

- Melissa from Canada 31/12/11 -

Voted New Zealand's Best Skydive


Thanks guys! You da bomb.There ain't

no place I'd rather be. 18,000ft all the way!

- Sarah Giles from NZ 31/12/11 -

Woohooo! 18,000ft & still flying. Thanks so

much for this amazing experience.

Can we do it again? Now?!

- Jenny from the UK 11/01/12 -

Best skydive in New zealand Franz Josef

This was my 1st jump. It was fantastic, divine

& heavenly.  I loved it! I'm addicted & want to

do it again & again!

- Di Pooja from India 30/01/12 -

"Skydive Franz is easily the most professional adventure sports outfit I've filmed with over the last 30 years. James and his team assisted 60 Minutes on a major sky-dive film shoot - my camera crew & I were blown away by their professionalism, safety-consciousness, and attention to detail. I'd recommend them to anyone who wants a safe, spectacular sky-dive experience in New Zealand's matchless South Island!" Gareth Harvey, Producer, 60 Minutes, The Nine Network Australia.






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