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Skydive Franz Josef & Fox Glacier

Skydiving above the Franz Josef & Fox Glaciers in New Zealand

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Award-winning, Qualmark Gold, Carbonzero certified Skydive & Aviation operator

Our sustainability initiatives are a driving force behind our brand. The INFLITE group is committed to reducing our impact on the environment and making the business a more sustainable one. Here at Skydive New Zealand we do a number of things to help with this, customers can donate online for the Kea Trust when making an online booking, trying to stay as paperless as we can. We are also a winner of the 100% Pure Experience NZ Award for our contributions to the local community and restoration to the department of conservation tracks through the Franz Josef region.




a man riding a snowboard down a snow covered mountain

Double Deluxe Package

Take yourself + another person for a skydive from only $599 with our Double Deluxe Skydive package.


a man flying through the air while riding skis

Skydive, Kayak Tour & Accommodation Special For 2 People $499 Each

Take the jump with this 13,000ft skydive, 2 nights accommodation nestled amongst the Southern Alps close to Franz Josef Glacier and countless scenic spots & explore the West Coast’s scenic Lake Mapourika via kayak!

Package includes

  • A 13,000ft skydive over glaciers, the alps, coastline and rainforests with Skydive Franz & Fox. You are welcome to upgrade to a higher skydive at a discounted rate.
  • A 3 hour Kayak Classic Tour to experience Lake Mapourika’s reflections
  • 2 Nights in the Rainforest Retreat’s Gecko Village

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Nestled between New Zealand’s highest mountains, the Tasman Sea, stunning temperate rainforest, glowing glaciers, mirror lakes and braided river beds, Franz Josef & Fox Glaciers have been described as some of the most beautiful places on earth.

It’s not all about the iconic scenery though, Skydive Franz Josef & Fox Glacier is New Zealand’s premier skydive company specialising in safety and fun. Although we’re a large company we only take small groups at each time slot so we can spend time with you and ensure you get an encouraging, friendly experience.

We’re one of only a few government safety approved skydive operators and are dedicated to the highest level of health and safety practices.

This group of instructors performing tricks during one of their dives

Meet The Team

Meet the talented jumpers behind our New Zealand skydiving team! Our expert guides are here to ensure your safety while having an exhilarating sky diving experience. Get to know the friendly faces of Skydive Franz!


Backpacker's NZ Guide

Hard fact for backpackers – you’re going to need lots of different clothes and shoes while in New Zealand. This is because the weather is very changeable in any region, any season and any given day for that matter.


South Island 50

The team at Skydive Franz love what we do and where we do it. Venture to the South Island and you’ll be met by lofty mountains, fiords and glaciers – the landscapes here are famous the world over.



Stay up to date with Skydive Franz by checking out the latest posts on our blog! Enter the world of diving with our expert bloggers. Check the site often for new posts, photos, and more. We love having you!

20,000ft Skydive

Experience the thrill of a 20,00ft Skydive (85+ seconds freefall) above the Westland & Aoraki/Mt Cook National Parks.

16,500ft Skydive

Experience the thrill of a 16,500ft Skydive (65+ seconds freefall) above the Westland & Aoraki/Mt Cook National Parks.

13,000ft Skydive

Experience the thrill of a 13,000ft Skydive (45+ seconds freefall) above the Westland & Aoraki/Mt Cook National Parks.

One of the 9 Most Insane Places to Skydive in the World

"It was our first jump and skydive Franz team reassured us with their professionalism and friendliness. Everything from the pick up to the jump radiates enthusiasm from these bunch of people. Coupled with the gorgeous views that this jump can offer, an A plus experience in every way! I will definitely do it again and it will be with skydive franz"

– Tan Wen Wei

"My first time and absolutely loved it! I was naturally nervous of jumping out of a perfectly good plane however Harvey and Henry were so awesome at keeping me calm and once your out of the plane it is a blast! Had so much fun free falling but goes by too quick and once the parachute opens you can take a couple minutes and check out the view. It is incredible, all the guys look so badass and get to do it all day long!"

– Rachel Eady

"First time skydiving and I couldn't have chosen a better place to do it. View was just amazing in all directions and the guys we were attached to even gave us a little tour by pointing out the mountains. Very professional and friendly bunch, all of them, and glad that they are still able to make us feel excited after jumping out of planes for many years. Thanks fellas! Would definitely come back!"

– Dwayne Adam Chan

"what a scenery and what an experience to jump 19000ft, so amazing that i've done it twice within two days :) special thanks to julie, igor & cody (you're doing such a great job, hope to see you again) and of course to henry and sancho - it was great to have a swiss backup and chatting with you in my native language :) i hope jumping with you again, don't want to jump lower than 19000ft now :D"

– Caroline Rein