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Can I take my own camera on the jump?

Skydive Franz Josef Limited does not allow clients to bring along personal cameras, GoPros, cell phones, and other photography equipment on their jumps due to safety and regulatory issues. Past experience has proven that untrained passengers pose a safety risk to their instructors, equipment, and people on the ground. Untrained passengers trying to film their jumps can easily interfere with parachute operation and/or injure themselves or their instructors. Additionally, Skydive Franz is governed by the rules of the New Zealand Parachute Organisation, our Civil Aviation Authority Part 115 certificate holder, which specifically state that no photography equipment may be used by skydivers on tandem descents who have less than 200 jumps. Skydive Franz has professionally trained freefall photographers and offers a variety of camera options available should you wish to record your jump. Thanks for your understanding.