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Why is Skydive Franz the only NZ dropzone skydiving from 19,000ft?

We are currently the only operation certified by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) that jumps from 19,000ft. The Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand is the government agency tasked with establishing civil aviation safety and security standards in New Zealand and certifies skydiving up to 20,000ft above sea level. Our Swiss built aircraft is capable of flying beyond 19,000ft, we have a landing location that is near sea-level, and have few airspace sharing issues with airliners. Many other skydiving operators in New Zealand can’t meet these requirements.

And we dig freefall. We are the high altitude specialists in New Zealand having jumped thousands of people from 19,000ft for nearly ten years. We take the time to fly higher for our customers who want the longest freefall experience possible.

Dropzones that aren’t capable of delivering high altitude skydiving may try to bluff customers with reasons why they’re not up for it – try not to feel sorry for them, they’re just feeling inadequate.