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80 Year Old Does First Skydive

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Noel Cunningham just blew a stereotype right out of the water by celebrating his 80th birthday by doing his first tandem skydive. He also insisted on jumping from 19,000ft. When asked why he wanted to go so high he replied – “Why not? Why wouldn’t I want to do the highest skydive?” 

His tandem instructor Chris was surprised that Noel was so calm and such a thrill seeker.

“He kept saying ‘more spirals, more spirals’ on the way down, so we did lots,” says Chris.

His family were the nervous ones watching from the ground. Pictured here after the jump is Noel’s son Shikane, daughter Anna and grandchildren Fox and Skye.


~ Happy birthday Noel, we’re glad you loved the skydive, and remember you did say you’ll be back to do another for your 90th.