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Angle Camp

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Skydive Franz hosted an Angle Camp last week attracting ten participants from all over New Zealand and as far away as Australia. The three day event was a skills progression camp concentrating on angle flying where people leaving the plane get into certain body positions to be able to fly on an angle using their body as a wing.

Chief Tandem Instructor Henry Morgan who organised the event says this type of flying requires real skill and it takes a long time to get good at.

"it's really fun, you're flying in close proximity to each other and you move around and change formation quickly," says Henry. "We had great coaches and everyone learnt at least one huge thing to help them progress to another level as well as lots of little things."

Henry says he wanted to do the camp here as skydiving from 19,000 feet gives everyone extra learning time during freefall.

"The feedback has been really positive and we'd really like to do it again," says Henry.