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Badass Road Tripping Skydivers

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Four friends had a small window of opportunity to commit to a spontaneous skydive yesterday, and they took up the chance like the badass road trippers from the UK that they are.

Grainne Conneally, Aoife Kirk, Roisin O'Donnell and Anthony Bush, all from Ireland/England, met while living and working in Wellington and have been on a road trip around the South Island of New Zealand this month. They originally intended doing a glacier hike on Franz Josef Glacier but wind in the valley prevented helicopters from landing. So a quick change of plan saw the friends jumping out of a plane within a few hours instead.

"It's the best place in New Zealand to do a skydive,' says Anthony.

All four friends loved their first skydive especially Anthony who may have just ended up with a brand new expensive hobby. 

~ Have fun on the rest of your road trip and thanks for doing your spontaneous skydive with us at Skydive Franz :)