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Birthday Tandem Skydive

Friday, May 01, 2015

Happy 30th birthday to Danica Kostic who, after travelling the world, chose to come home to the West Coast to complete her first tandem skydive. 

Danica is originally from Hari Hari and despite not living in the area any more, still considers the West Coast region to be home. Celebrating a milestone birthday with a tandem skydive was a natural choice for Danica.

"I think it's one of those epic things to do once, nothing compares to it," says Danica. "It's the final frontier of adrenaline activities."

Danica is seen here with her support crew of Kath Lane on the right with Kath's children Shea and Dylan and Paul Hathaway who also jumped with Danica (you know a friend is a good friend when they jump out of a plane with you).

Incidentally another tandem skydive passenger was celebrating their birthday on the same flight, Anton Sundberg from Germany turned 19 (pictured below). Happy birthday to both Anton and Danica and thanks for choosing to celebrate your birthday with us here at Skydive Franz.