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Henry's 4000th Skydive

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

You’d expect someone to be bored after doing the same work task for the 4000th time, but it’s not the case when that task is skydiving.

Chief tandem instructor Henry Morgan did his 4000th skydive last week and says skydiving is not a normal job.

“It doesn’t feel like work,” says Henry. “It’s not a job, I’m paid to have fun.”

Henry enjoys introducing customers to his love of skydiving especially people who may be a bit scared, and over the years he has developed a technique to put people at ease.

“I try and make them relaxed when I do the briefing and tell them if they forget everything then that’s ok and to just keep their eyes open and have fun,” says Henry. “They remember what to do then. If they’re freaking out they don’t remember.”

One of the payoffs for reassuring people is the customer’s reaction after their skydive.

“Especially if they’re scared, it’s awesome to see how happy the customers are once they’ve completed their skydive,” says Henry. “They have a real sense of achievement and often want to go straight back up and do it again.”

One of the other reasons skydiving appeals to Henry is the workplace environment.

“We work as a tight family, we’re all good friends and we share a love of the same sport,” says Henry. “The staff have jumped all over the world and here is their preferred place to work as we’ve got some of the best scenery in the world and it’s a great place to progress skills.”

Henry says learning really safe habits is the number one thing at Skydive Franz and everyone learns off each other. He offers key training in every type of skydiving and a lot of staff learn to pack parachutes while increasing their jump numbers and progress on to camera flying which puts them in a solid position to become a tandem instructor.

“You learn many crucial skills to becoming a tandem instructor doing camera jumps,” says Henry. “It’s really satisfying giving back to the sport and the future of the industry by progressing people through the different stages in a safe and unrushed manner.”

Even after 4000 jumps Henry isn’t close to having enough.

“I still want to do more,” says Henry. “Bring on the next 4000.”