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Skydive Franz Welcomes Pieter to the Team

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

We've recently welcomed Pieter to the Skydive Franz team since his son dropped a brick on his foot. Pieter's son Jordan is a Skydive Franz tandem instructor and cameraman and can't work until his foot heals, but his dad Pieter has been able to fill in for Jordan as a skydive cameraman. 

"Jordan's cloud is my silver lining," says Pieter.

Pieter, from New Zealand, has always been into adrenalin sports and did his first few skydives in 1986 but it was Jordan who inspired him to take up skydiving again three years ago.

"It's exciting to do something like this with Jordan and I've enjoyed hanging out, meeting new people and all the adrenalin of jumping out of planes," says Pieter. 

Pieter jumped at eight dropzones in the States last year and will head back there in May. Skydiving as a job has been a big change from Pieter's other trade as a builder in Christchurch.

"I haven't missed being a builder, especially since the earthquakes," says Pieter. "Dealing with EQC was a tipping point and I lost my passion."

Pieter has been considering working towards becoming a tandem instructor and eventually using his Computer Science degree, but for now it's fun just jumping out of planes and meeting interesting new people.

"Some customers eat noodles for two weeks so they can come skydiving," says Pieter. "They're always happy to be skydiving, I love that."

~ Welcome to the team Pieter, we're stoked to have you here.