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Nothing Else Matters But That Freedom

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

We were privileged to recently take Kelly Demele skydiving here in Franz Josef and were able to get a few words about why skydiving is so special for her and the significance of a jump in our part of the world.

In Kelly’s words:

I have been skydiving for 10 years, and I hold a D rating.  I never miss an opportunity to jump from some unique aircraft or unique places and Franz Josef was the one place I knew I wanted to do a skydive.  This skydive meant so much to me, because my late husband travels everywhere with me if the opportunity arises,  We were so close and I met him skydiving.  He was a very important skydiver in that he was one of the first wing suitors ever and some of the top instructors in wing suiting he was the one who taught them. 

As I was part of a tour group traveling around the whole south island, there were many opportunities to do skydives, but since I do them most every weekend back home in Tampa (Skydive City) in Zephyrhills, Florida I did not want to just do a skydive.  I wanted it to be Franz Josef because of the location, the view and most of all the altitude.  I have skydived in many places, never over mountains or snow or glaciers for that matter, we don't have any of those things in Florida.  I am looking for the biggest, highest, most awesome place to do it.

It doesn't get any better than that.  

There was no other place that I wanted to jump. It was going to be Franz Josef or nothing.  As it turned out, it was the most perfect day, weather, sunshine, and my two new friends that joined me on the plane. 

For me the skydive is about being free and the wind in your face, and all your stress and bad things going on in your life are completely gone in those few minutes that you are in the air until you touch down safely on the ground.  Nothing else matters but that freedom.  Whether it be in the human form or the spirit world.

It just so happened everything fell into place during the trip and this jump happened for a reason, it was meant to be.  My heart is forever engraved with this special moment.  I can thank Chris and Jordan for that.

~ Thank you from the Skydive Franz team for choosing to do such a significant skydive here Kelly, it was a real pleasure and inspiration and great to see you taking along a copy of Parachutist magazine (Kelly is a contributing author and photographer and skydivers get credit for great shots with the magazine).