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Papa Smurf Is A Skydiver

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Let us tell you the story about Papa Smurf’s skydiving passion and the meaning of the word nefelibata.

Skydive Franz staffer Jack was visited by his parents recently and it was obvious they’re not your normal every day type of parents. Dad Renato introduces himself as Papa Smurf, but is also known as Rubicon, and he’s skydived at nearly every dropzone in New Zealand. 

“My head has always been in the clouds, and now so is my body,” says Papa Smurf. “I fly paraglider, paramotor, speedfly and skydive, I've learned to pilot helicopters and did some lessons on single engine small planes.”

Originally from South America, this is Papa Smurf’s second trip to New Zealand where his main aims are to go to the Kiwiburn festival, travel the country and go skydiving. This year’s skydive at Franz Josef was a priceless highlight.


“Jack took his mother on her very first tandem jump and Sancho and I did the camera,” says Papa Smurf.

Papa Smurf introduced Jack to skydiving and they trained to become skydivers together.

“I was present during all his evolution and when he decided to become a certified Senior Parachute Rigger I knew he was hooked and would dedicate to work in skydiving,” says Papa Smurf. “I am very proud of his accomplishments.”

Skydiving is now a huge part of Papa Smurf’s life.

“It’s an activity that I enjoy, I don't excel in any style, what I love is fun jumps,” says Papa Smurf. “Landing with a smile on my face is the major goal.”

As for the meaning of nefelibata, this is the definition and also how Papa Smurf defines himself – a cloud walker; one who lives in the cloud of their own imagination or dreams

~ Thanks for visiting Papa Smurf and for being the inspirational nefelibata we all need in our lives.