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See you soon Jordan

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Highly skilled skydiving cameraman, rainforest opera singer and legendary bull rider Jordan van den Berg leaves Franz Josef today but luckily not for long.

Jordan will spend the NZ winter doing contracting work in Christchurch then travels to Lodi in the US to complete his tandem instructor rating before re-joining the Skydive Franz team as a tandem instructor next summer. 

He will be gone for only about six months but Jordan says he's going to miss Franz Josef.

"I'm going to really miss the people here and this tiny town, it's a beautiful place in the rainforest where you can go for a walk in the bush and sing opera and there’s no one around," says Jordan. “And the skydiving, 19,000ft is beautiful, it’s a long time in freefall.”

Jordan says skydiving is a great job as he gets to talk to people and to make people happy and share the feeling of flight and freedom.

“Skydiving is indescribable, it’s really hard to put into words,” says Jordan. “It’s a soothing feeling, a surreal feeling, I guess you could say it’s the best thing and the scariest thing you can do at the same time, it’s all round awesome.”

See you soon Jordan, can’t wait to see you defend your title as Franz Josef’s champion bull rider next year too.