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Skydive Franz Health and Safety Officer

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

You’d think being a health and safety officer would be at odds with a passion for jumping out of planes - but in fact safety is a prerequisite for having fun when it comes to skydiving.

Skydive Franz’s Health and Safety Officer is Jordan Topping and while every staff member has safety procedures to follow, Jordan’s additional responsibilities creates an overarching layer of protection for customers and staff.

“My main responsibility at Skydive Franz is risk management,” says Jordan. “My main goal is to eliminate the risk of incidents and accidents.”

Jordan says the whole Skydive Franz team collaborates and identifies possible risks or hazards in their own workplace as well as at other skydive companies. The team monitors international incident reports online and local reports through the Civil Aviation Authority.

“We then create possible solutions to remedy any issues raised, once remedied I monitor the action,” says Jordan. “Skydive Franz is extremely proactive with its health and safety systems, this results in swift identification and management of potential risks which means a safer skydiving experience for everyone.”

Jordan says that customers can expect the highest level of safety from Skydive Franz.

“We take pride in our operational procedures which ensure the customer’s safety and ours,” says Jordan. “Our gear is prepared and inspected regularly and we triple protect against human error in areas that have cause incidents overseas.”

The implementation of safety systems doesn’t automatically mean the Health and Safety Officer can assume everything will run to plan.

“The best advice I’ve received would be to 'never assume anything’,” says Jordan. “Assumption only increases risk, so as skydivers we check everything important ourselves and from a health and safety aspect we cannot assume a customer will always behave predictably.”

Although skydiving is an exhilarating and fast paced activity, it is also relatively straight forward.

“A statistic I love repeating is that you are more likely to be in an accident driving to your skydive than on the skydive itself,” says Jordan. “There are a few anomalies that can occur but our staff are fully trained and certified to deal with every one of them plus our operation procedure means the likelihood of anything occurring in the first place is greatly reduced. We do everything possible to ensure the safety of our staff and customers.”