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Skydive Franz Skydiving School Student Success

Monday, May 11, 2015

And this week we say goodbye to our other Jordan who came here fresh from skydiving school only a few months ago and leaves as one of our key summer skydiving cameramen. Jordan was sick of his electrician job when he decided to become a student at the New Zealand Skydiving School for six months and was placed here at Skydive Franz for his workplace training.

“I joined the skydiving school because I thought it would be a good way to spend some time, meet some good people and do some good stuff,” says Jordan. “The training is funded by the government and skydiving is a viable career path as long as you enjoy it, I can’t imagine anyone not enjoying the industry.”

Jordan is working hard over the next few months to make the cut to become a police officer and is looking forward to working in the police force.

"I'd like to have a job that matters to people," says Jordan.

If he doesn't make this round he's not too worried. 

"Police College isn't going anywhere," he says. "I can come back to skydiving too."

Jordan says one of the highlights of coming to Skydive Franz once his training was completed, was getting paid to jump out of a plane.

"It was not only the fact I technically became a 'professional skydiver' but also the camera accessories that James got me on the company, and it was great to know that the guys and him believed I had the potential to take camera slots," says Jordan. "If the guys didn't jack that up for me I probably would not have trained to use my dslr at all."

We're going to miss you Jordan, good luck with Police College and we'd love to see you back any time.