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Skydive Franz Tandem Instructor Does 8000th Skydive

Friday, March 04, 2016

Congratulations to Guru (Blair, in centre) who has just done his 8000th skydive. Guru, from Dunedin New Zealand, has been skydiving since 2007 and has clocked up so many skydives by chasing summers.

“I’ve just kept travelling, following the summer and that’s helped a lot,” says Guru. “In year round summers you can do 1200 to 1500 jumps per year but with winters you’d only do half as many jumps.”

Being multidisciplined has helped increase jump numbers with Guru qualified as a tandem instructor, skydive cameraman and he teaches others to skydive.

Guru’s interest in skydiving started as a teenager while competing and winning in the national springboard diving team and skydiving was a natural progression for him.

Despite having skydived so many times Guru still gets a real buzz out of every jump.

“There’s always something new to do when skydiving whether you’re jumping by yourself or taking different people tandem skydiving,” says Guru. “Skydiving means having fun with friends and doing new things, it’s kind of competitive like that and that’s what I like.”

~ Congratulations Guru, 8000 is a really impressive achievement.