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Skydive Franz Welcomes Emily to the Team

Tuesday, November 21, 2017
Emily from the UK learned to skydive about one year ago and can barely remember her life before skydiving. 

"I used to go to work, go shopping every weekend, buy clothes and go out with friends," says Emily. "Then I was forced into doing a charity tandem skydive by my work with another workmate. He was initially excited but ended up hating it, I was absolutely terrified but loved it."

It took Emily two weeks to decide she wanted to learn to skydive solo and she describes her first jump as terrifying. She's since gone on to do more than 200 skydives.

"I still am terrified, always scared," says Emily. "But it's super fun at the same time, I can't really describe the feeling of skydiving."

Emily met Justin (Skydive Franz tandem instructor) while learning to skydive and he advised her that she'd likely quit her job, lose her friends and boyfriend and end up with no money.

"It's true, that all happened. My friends think I'm a crazy idiot, my family think I'm stupid but I love skydiving," says Emily. "My major goal is to skydive all over the world and do 1000 skydives."

Emily is currently working as the Skydive Franz video and photo editor and manages to squeeze in a few fun jumps here and there. 

~ Welcome to the Skydive Franz team Emily, it's great to have you here