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Skydive Franz Welcomes Harvey To The Team

Wednesday, November 08, 2017
Harvey has recently joined the Skydive Franz team as a tandem instructor and skydive cameraman. 

Harvey, originally from Queensland Australia, decided to get his diploma in skydiving in Auckland instead of going to university and has since done nearly 3000 skydives.

"I'm really happy with my career path, the job is different every day," says Harvey. "It's always funny to see the customers' smiles, there's just something about their expressions especially when they first come out of the plane. And here in Franz there's definitely a good vibe, beautiful scenery and fun people."

Harvey's family are also happy with his choice of jobs.

"They think it's safer than getting my drivers license, which I don't have," says Harvey. "I don't like being in cars they're scary. I tell the tandem skydive customers that the dangerous part is over when they arrive at the airport."

~ Welcome to the team Harvey it's great to have you here