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Skydive Franz Welcomes Joe to the Team

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Although born and bred in Christchurch, Joe is a true Coaster at heart. Moving to the West Coast has been like coming home for Joe who loves the lifestyle of hunting, fishing, motorbiking and generally being outdoors.

“I don’t miss Christchurch at all, the only thing a city is good for is fast food,” says Joe. “I had envy for my high school mates who were getting into skydiving, I really admire what they do and I wanted to get a piece of it.”

Joe works at Skydive Franz as a driver and ground crew. Going skydiving and seeing others skydive makes the job really enjoyable.

“I love just being a part of a once in a lifetime experience, I get super excited for the customers,” says Joe. “I haven’t done heaps of skydiving so I can appreciate how awesome it is for a first time skydiver. And to be doing their jump in the best skydiving spot in the world, you couldn’t get much better than that.”