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Skydive Franz Welcomes Justin To The Team

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Following in the tradition of staff whose name begins with a J, we welcome Justin to the Skydive Franz team. We now have James, Julie, Jordan V, Jordan T, Jack, Joe, Jo and Justin. 

Justin, originally from Lithuania, has been skydiving in the UK for 13 years and moved to Franz Josef in October and is working as a tandem instructor and skydive cameraman. The change of scene has been a welcome one.
"Here it's more fun and the surroundings are nicer," says Justin. " Where we jumped in the UK it was flat for miles and a lot of the customers didn't really want to skydive."

Justin says charity skydiving in the UK is very popular which means workplaces are making their staff do a skydive to help raise money for a charity, which leads to a lot of people doing a skydive reluctantly and not enjoying the experience.

"Here there are a lot of visitors from around the world who really want to skydive, so the job is much more fun," says Justin. "There's a lot more enthusiasm and I like tandem skydiving, doing camera jumps and staff fun jumps."

Justin has always been interested in adventure sports and started skydiving in Lithuania as a challenge to keep up and surpass a friend who'd recently started skydiving. His friend has done over 100 jumps but Justin has gone on to do more than 1500 skydives and has also done 300 base jumps. 

"I've base jumped in France, Italy, Spain, Lithuania and England," says Justin. "I've ticked all the boxes I wanted to tick."

~ Welcome to the team Justin, we're stoked to have you here.