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Skydive Franz Wishes Bon Voyage to Chris

Monday, May 16, 2016

Our Chief Tandem Instructor Chris has headed off today for new adventures back in the US. Chris has been at Skydive Franz for four years and is looking to buy his own skydiving school. Chris has some pretty obvious reasons for wanting his own dropzone.

"It's so I can skydive and fly planes forever," says Chris. 

Chris has enjoyed the countryside and life on the West Coast as there's not much stress and beautiful scenery.

"In Franz Josef it's the most stunning scenery to skydive in with high mountains near by," says Chris. "I'm going to miss the lack of a big population, the wide open spaces and jumping with a good crew but I'm also looking forward to lots of sport jumps."

Chris will also be able to see more of his family, in fact his new dropzone is right next to his Grandma's house. However as his Grandma mainly divorced his Grandfather over his skydiving passion back in the 1950's, she doesn't share his love of the sport. Chris's Grandfather was a rocket engineer for Nasa but always wondered if he should've had his own dropzone.

"My Grandfather did a lot of skydiving when it was a real fringe sport and he's really excited about my project," says Chris.

In the meantime Chris is taking some well earned time out for a bit of USA road tripping, adventuring and going to Burning Man.

~ Thanks for everything you added to the Skydive Franz team Chris, we're going to miss you and look forward to seeing you when you come back to help us with our special projects.