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Skydiving Holiday

Monday, March 30, 2015
Bon voyage to John Birdsall, who despite not being able to walk and talk, is the biggest skydive junkie we’ve ever seen.

Seasoned traveller John, from the UK, uses an iPad to communicate and gets around in a motorised chair and an adapted van. He just spent another summer in Franz Josef with the main aim of skydiving as much as possible. He's now done more than 50 tandem skydives.

“I like doing something that most people will never experience," says John. "I like the danger but being very safe at the same time. I love the freedom of freefall."

It's not just the skydiving itself that appeals to John.

“I like being around skydivers, they have an amazing outlook on life which helps me a lot," says John. "Above all I love pushing the boundaries. If I didn't push them I would just sit at home.”

John did 15 tandem jumps during his stay and we look forward to seeing him here again next summer.