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Staff Comings and Goings

Monday, May 08, 2017

We’ve reached that time of year where some of our Skydive Franz staff head off to the northern hemisphere for a few months.

Two of those familiar faces are Rilee and Christina who are heading to the US for Rilee’s unique skydiving job as the US demo tour rep for New Zealand Aerosports.

NZ Aerosports are parachute designers and manufacturers and Rilee’s job is to take their demo canopies all around the US to skydiving events for potential customers to try them out.

“I’m nervous and excited,” says Rilee. “I’ll be travelling in an RV for about six months around the east coast and the west coast, going to all the big skydiving events and boogies.”

Rilee will be well placed to answer all the skydiver’s questions about NZ Aerosports and their new products as he’s already spent seven years working for the company on the production line at their factory.

“Worldwide it’s a well known company,” says Rilee. “Their canopies are some the best in the world, they’re right up there.” 

As for Christina she intends to help Rilee out but is also looking forward to catching up with friends in Montreal and Vancouver while in the vicinity and also going skydiving at the events. A break from the early starts during the summer at Skydive Franz will be a treat too. 

“I’m definitely looking forward to sleeping in instead of waking up for the first load,” says Christina.

The job is allowing the pair to catch up with some former Skydive Franz staff members in the States too.

“Skydiving is a good way to travel the world,” says Rilee.

~ Have an awesome time over there and we’ll see you when you get back 😃