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Ten Year Old Rewarded With Skydive

Friday, April 01, 2016

Here's ten-year-old Brad from Hokitika who did his first tandem skydive recently - a reward from his parents for all his epic achievements in sports. His proud parents were completely supportive of his wish to do a tandem skydive.

"Brad is pretty special kid, he blows us away with all his sporting achievements," says Mum, Cushla. 

Brad was player of the year for both Rugby and League, he got distinction in overall school sports, the swimming intermediate trophy and intermediate school athletics trophy. 

"As you could imagine we were pretty damn proud and promised him he could choose something special as a reward," says Cushla. "First it was Disneyland but he chose to do a skydive. He absolutely loved it, he is a very shy and quiet kind of kid and his dive partner was pretty cool he thought. He wants too do it again but higher!"

~ Thanks for going skydiving with the Skydive Franz team Brad, we think you're one cool kid. And thanks to Brad's badass parents for being so calm and for supporting your boy in anything he puts his heart too.