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Thinking About Skydiving as a Job? Advice From a Skydive Franz Tandem Master

Friday, September 29, 2017

Tandem master Jordan van den Berg has one main piece of advice for anyone thinking about starting a skydiving job.

“Do it,” says Jordan. “I love to give our customers the experience of what I felt the first time I went skydiving – excited, nervous, terrified but safe. I still remember that feeling of falling, it’s pretty awesome to create that feeling for other people.”

Jordan nearly didn’t do his first skydive in Methven five years ago. His girlfriend at the time was given a tandem skydive voucher for her birthday and Jordan decided to go too. But after it was cancelled four times due to bad weather they just about gave up.

“But it would’ve been a waste of a voucher so we finally went and did it,” says Jordan. “The tandem master asked if I wanted to do flips and we did and I was scared as, holding the harness not looking around, freaking out. But the feeling of falling was great.”

Jordan says he wouldn’t have thought of going skydiving if it wasn’t for his girlfriend’s voucher and it was an eye opener into an alternative career. He started learning to skydive and at age 19 his main goal was to become a tandem master before turning 21. He skydived in Franz Josef and USA and with industriousness achieved his goal. He’s now done more than 2000 skydives.

“It’s hard work, you are going to live like a bum but you have to persevere and do all the shit jobs first,” says Jordan. “I learnt to listen to everyone. Everyone has an opinion but don’t take it all on, your own opinion is the one that matters.”

Jordan’s family have been a strong influence in his life, especially his grandfather and Dad Pieter who has become a skydiver too. Some of his first skydiving friends remain as motivators and have taught him to live life it and love it. Jordan’s current motivation is having fun while working and enjoying living in Franz Josef.

“I love flying here, the scenery is amazing and it’s a super chilled place to live,” says Jordan. “When it’s raining I go kayaking and when it’s sunny I go skydiving.”

People often ask questions about skydiving as a job but there is one other commonly asked question – why would you want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane? Jordan’s response is simple:

“Who said it was a perfectly good airplane?” 😜