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Visit From the Backpacker Guide Duo

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Today we played host to Robin and Laura from the Backpacker Guide NZ. The couple are day 120 into their 365 day trip around New Zealand while tackling 365 activities at the same time. They hit Franz Josef this week and were totally up for doing NZ's highest tandem skydive.

"I chose the 19,000 foot skydive because it's the highest obviously," says Robin. 

Laura was all about the location.

"With the view of the glaciers, Mount Cook and Mount Tasman, Franz Josef sounded like a good place to do it," says Laura. "I absolutely loved the views flying up between the snowy mountains, it's the most beautiful experience."

This was skydive number two for Laura who found it a bit easier to take it all in during freefall the second time around.

"It was a good time to comprehend and take in the view and have more fun with it, and feel the feeling of floating in the air," says Laura.

It's not all just fun and games for the pair who get up at 5am every morning to update their website. They feel they achieve so much more in the early hours as opposed to standard work hours plus it leaves time for the next activity. Their website Backpacker Guide NZ is the top guide for backpackers by backpackers and you can check out their blog, photos and videos at this link:

Their 360° camera captured some amazing shots of the skydive.

~ Thanks Laura and Robin for coming skydiving with us, it was great to meet you and all the best for the next 245 days.