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We Love NZ Skydiving School

Thursday, July 30, 2015

We love the New Zealand Skydiving School especially as they keep sending us awesome students for their 12 week work placements. Our newest student, Cody Piper, comes from Warkworth near Auckland and he's fitted in perfectly to the Skydive Franz team.

Cody has always had skydiving in the back of his mind as a career option and joined the school for their Diploma in Commercial Skydiving course earlier this year.

"Dad thinks it's great that I'm doing something awesome and something that makes me happy," says Cody. "Mum wasn't so sure as she didn't know you could make a job out of skydiving, but you can, it's an amazing industry."

Once his training is completed Cody's main goal is to skydive and travel ~ that sounds like an awesome combination, welcome to the team Cody!