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Meet The Team


Andrea, from New Zealand, is a co-owner and marketing manager.

She is a keen skydiver (as a tandem passenger), writer/photographer, snowboarder and loves boating. Andrea also works as a property manager.

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Craig, from New Zealand, is co-owner/director of Skydive Franz and is our quality assurance manager.

Craig's other job is as a helicopter pilot at Mt Cook. He is an outdoorsman, climber, hunter as well as a keen aviator. Craig lives in Twizel with his wife and two young daughters.

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Darren, from New Zealand, is one of our pilots.

Darren brings a wealth of experience to the team with about 6000 flying hours during his 30 year flying career.

He is an experienced mountain flying pilot and also a glider instructor pilot and has flown in New Zealand and Canada.

He really enjoys the challenge of flying different aircraft and loves the view of the mountains outside his 'office' window.

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Emily is a video and photo editor and keen sport skydiver

She has done more than 200 skydives

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Harvey, from Australia, is a tandem instructor and skydive cameraman.

Harvey has worked for many years as a skydiver here and in the US and has now done nearly 3000 skydives.

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Henry, from New Zealand, is a Tandem Instructor and Camera jumper, and is also a senior manager.

He has been with Skydive Franz from the very first day of operation, initially employed as a parachute packer.

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Jack, from Brazil, is a tandem instructor.

Jack has lived in many places around the world and can speak English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian. Jack has done more than 1000 skydives.

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James, from New Zealand, is co-owner/director and is our CEO and aircraft pilot.

He enjoys being involved in skydiving because of the genuine thrill it offers people from many different backgrounds and cultures. James is also a keen skier and sailor.

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Jo, from New Zealand, is a co-owner.

Jo is a keen outdoors-woman and lives in Twizel with her husband Craig and their two young daughters. Her other job is a psychologist.

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Joe, from New Zealand, works as a driver and ground crew.

Joe is a keen outdoorsman and when not immersed in the skydive world, he likes to make the most of the West Coast environment by hunting, fishing and motorbiking.

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