Meet the Team

Rilee Tandem Instructor and cameraman

Rilee is one of our regularly returning team members. Most recently he received his tandem masters and is returning as a camera flyer. Originally from the mighty North Waikato, he has previously worked many years in Auckland, for New Zealand Aerosports. This company designed and produced almost all of the parachutes that we currently use daily. Rilee is an avid nature enthusiast, when he’s not at work you’ll find him out fishing, snowboarding, reading a book or standing strong on his standup paddle board. You will be able to spot him at our Drop Zone showing off his majestic mullet.

Troy Parachute packer

Troy has just completed his training at the Skydiving institute and joins us for his work experience. He is 20 years old and originally from the Kapiti Coast right here in New Zealand. Troy has grown up all his life skiing in the North Island at Mt Ruapehu and has gone on to teach the high performance side of freeride/freeskiing and racing. Having found that to not be enough Troy found the NZ skydiving school, after completing his training he is excited to join our team here at Skydivefranz to continue his journey into the Skydiving industry. He aims to become a camera flyer, eventually an aff instructor and tandem master for work, personally he aspires to get into base jumping one day.

PAC 750 XL dream machine

The PAC 750 is designed and manufactured by Pacific Aerospace in Hamilton and is the first plane in the world purpose-built for skydiving. With a load of up to 17 passengers the aircraft will enable us to double our daily capacity along New Zealand’s West Coast, with Skydive Franz Josef & Fox Glacier businesses. Until now, INFLITE has used the Pilatus Porter PC-6 for skydiving. The addition of the PAC 750 will enable this aircraft to return home as the third Ski Plane at Mount Cook Ski Planes and Helicopters.

Sandy Ground Crew and Office administration

In June ’18, Sandy agreed to a 1 month contract with Skydive Franz to assist ground crew personnel. She can still be found haunting the drop zone as well as the office. Her background is in communications, with experience in aviation ground crew, office administration, and herding cats. In her spare time, Sandy enjoys long walks, horseback riding, and passionate conversations about world peace.

Sancho tandem instructor and cameraman

Sancho, from Switzerland, has done several thousand skydives and when not skydiving he enjoys many other adventure sports including base jumping and speed flying. He joins us for our summer season period.

Sarah BASE Manager

Originally from Greymouth, Sarah has spend the last six years working in Franz in the summer and at Ohau in the winter where she managed a café and went snowboarding as much as possible.

Although only recently starting in the role, Sarah has been enjoying the change of scene.

“The interaction with the skydiving customers is awesome, everyone’s super stoked,” says Sarah. “It’s a lot less stressful and different to my other jobs, it’s fun seeing everyone excited and happy, it’s really nice.”

Sarah has now done ten tandem skydives and she’s happy to offer advice especially to first time or nervous skydivers.

“It helps to talk to people, I know what they’re in for and if they’re nervous I tell them to try to relax as the staff know what they’re doing,” says Sarah “The nervous people are the most excited after their skydive, they seem to have more fun.”

Sarah’s also used the new job as a kind of personal case study.

“I’ve thought about getting my skydiving licence, just to go skydiving for fun,” says Sarah. “ Working here was my way of deciding if I want to go and do it, and I do.”

Nathan drop-pilot

Nathan Graham has returned to his childhood hometown in 2017 to take up the role of full time aircraft pilot at Skydive Franz. Nathan spent much of his youth in the small town of Whataroa just north of Franz Josef Glacier and has worked most recently in the mining industry in Australia. Coming home has been a welcome change of pace.

“I’m happy to be back on the Coast,” says Nathan. “There aren’t many people here, I like the isolation of the West Coast.”

Nathan trained as a pilot in the mid-90’s and has done about 2000 hours of flying. He also learnt how to skydive in 2007 and has done nearly 1000 jumps.

“I like skydiving but I prefer flying a plane,” says Nathan. “I like being in control of machinery.”

While Nathan’s mining career has been successful, the love of flying and the skydiving scene has won him over.

“What I like about the aviation and skydiving industry is that it’s not regimented,” says Nathan. “It’s not like work, it’s like a hobby to fly a plane and enjoy what you’re doing.”

Matthis Tandem Instructor and cameraman

Matt, from France, has been living in NZ for four years and has worked here as a packer, driver, editor and ground crew and is now our valued Tandem Masters and is also a skydive cameraman.

Matt started working at Skydive Franz on a three month work experience placement while gaining his Skydiving Diploma through the NZ Skydiving School.

Now he’s a skydive Tandem Master and cameraman, he aims to continue to learn and eventually teach others to skydive and travel around the globe!

“I originally wanted to do something like my dad who is a helicopter pilot, it was actually my Dad who told me the skydive school existed,” says Matt. “I’ve always been climbing buildings, jumping off buildings doing parkour and freerunning and I wanted that feeling in my every day job.”

As an aside, Matt has spent two years travelling around New Zealand, so will be a wealth of information for other travellers.

Lily office manager and ground crew

Lily has recently moved to Franz Josef Glacier to work in the Skydive Franz office and join her boyfriend Matthis (who also works for Skydive Franz).

Lily has recently completed her degree in teaching while living in her hometown of Devonport, Auckland and is enjoying a break from teaching and city life.

“My job has so many exciting and challenging aspects. It’s awesome to meet such a vast amount of diverse people everyday and to be able to give them the experience of skydiving,” says Lily. “As for moving to Franz Josef Glacier my friends and family understand my sense of adventure very well and are happy for me to spend time with Matthis, whether it be a small town in New Zealand or anywhere in the world for that matter.”

Lily says she loves tandem skydiving and encourages others to give it a go.

“Being able to skydive in such a unique place in the world, with the most amazing team of skydivers is reason enough for anyone to do a skydive,” says Lily. “It really is an experience enjoyed by such a variety of people.”

Kelly Tandem Instructor and camera flyer

Skydive Franz has welcomed Kelly to the team as a tandem master and skydive camerawomen.

Kelly from Taranaki New Zealand, is part of a family of rally drivers so was no stranger to adrenaline as a youngster. She had always been keen to try skydiving but her parents requested she waited until she was 21 and she did her first solo jump the day after her 21st birthday. Since then she’s gone on to become a tandem master, AFF (advanced freefall) instructor, and skydive camerawoman and she’s now done more than 3300 skydives.

Her career has taken her around the world.

“I’ve skydived in Dubai, Jordan, Kuwait, NZ, Australia and Norway,” says Kelly. “No one jump is the same which makes it exciting.”

Being a female tandem master allowed her to take women skydiving in the Middle East where female customers don’t jump with a male tandem master.

“I like being involved in people’s once in a lifetime experience,” says Kelly. “One of the ladies said during the skydive that it’s the freest she’s ever been and the freest she’ll ever be. And I was glad I could help her with that.”

Kelly’s enjoying being back amongst the amazing scenery in New Zealand and loves skydiving in Franz Josef.

“The views are awesome the place is sick, it’s good to be home.”

Henry Chief Parachute Operations Manager

Henry, from New Zealand, is a Tandem Instructor and Camera jumper, and is also a senior manager.

He has been with Skydive Franz from the very first day of operation, initially employed as a parachute packer.

Henry lives in Franz Josef because he loves the natural environment and the outdoor opportunities it provides. He is a keen speed flyer and parachute swooper. Henry lives in Franz Josef with his partner and young son in a fully self sufficient home set amongst the forest and surrounding farm land.