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South Island

Skydive Franz is certified under Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand, CAA part 115

Part 115 Adventure Aviation – Certification and Operations

This Part prescribes the requirements for the certification and operation of a person conducting an adventure aviation operation. The objective of Part 115 is to introduce a new rule Part for the purpose of regulating the adventure aviation industry. Part 115 requires adventure aviation operators to be certificated in much the same way as air transport operators who use helicopters and small aeroplanes and are required to be certificated under Part 119/135. In particular, operators need to satisfy the Director, through their exposition, that:

  • They have appropriate management systems, structures, and operating procedures in place to ensure compliance with the relevant safety standards;
  • Employees are appropriately qualified, and trained;
  • Equipment is appropriate to the task and properly maintained; and key people are fit and proper to undertake their responsibilities.