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No visit to the South Island is complete without a trip to Franz Josef and/or Fox Glacier. These are the easiest glaciers to visit in the world so no excuse to miss out on these rivers of ice. They plunge down dramatically from NZ's highest mountains in between the rain forest to almost sea level. You can walk unguided up the glacier valleys to get reasonably close to the front of the glaciers but if you want to check things out beyond the barriers you'll need to go on a guided tour. Glacier Valley Eco Tours specialise in, you guessed it, glacier valley tours. You'll learn more than the freedom walkers with this NZ family owned and operated company and get to spend some quality time with people passionate about this area. Another way to check out the glaciers is to land on one in a helicopter and throw some snow at your companions. The Helicopter Line can land you up there or simply fly over the glaciers for a great view. The Franz Josef Glacier Guides and Fox Guides will fly you up in a helicopter and guide you on and amongst the awesome ice formations. It's a unique experience to be somewhere so foreign and beautiful relatively easily and then transported back to the real world in the blink of an eye.

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