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Inland Scenic Route


The Inland Scenic Route from Oxford to Geraldine is more than 100km long so we've included a few features along the way. The road will take you off the main State Highway and take you to the foot of the Southern Alps for a relaxing and scenic drive. This area is known for its farmland, skiing, fishing, golf, river activities and mountain biking.

One of the most spectacular ways to see the scenery is with Discovery Jet who'll take you up the Rakaia River to areas you wouldn't be able to reach on your own. The blue river is rich with salmon and trout and the professional jet boat drivers will take you through the spectacular Rakaia Gorge with views of the mountains along the way.

If golf is your thing then you're spoilt for choice, this region has some of the best country style golf courses along with world-class alpine golf courses and all with incredible scenery. The easiest way to get golfing quickly is to book Amazing Space Golf, they're a complete booking service and golf tour specialist. They'll take care of all the transport, accommodation, guiding etc and have a multitude of options for every guest.

If you prefer someone to do the driving for you and get you directly to the best parts of this region and beyond, then contact Tom Taylor. Tom is the owner and operator of Opulence Tours and offers a customised one-to-one itinerary tailored to customer's interests. Tom has a real passion for New Zealand and takes care of every detail of a trip including accommodation, activities, dining and the driving which makes for an easy and memorable holiday. Oh and his tour car is a sweet Mercedes.

The best spot to stay in is Rata Escape which offers a cosy, barnstyle house and cute cottage located within gardens and farmland with the high country mountains as a backdrop. It's a stunning spot and the hosts, Elspeth and Judith, offer a huge selection of activities including farm tours, hiking, mountain biking and four-wheel driving, as well as creative workshops like cheese making and limestone sculpting. Check out the photos on their website especially their news page, just stunning.

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