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Milford Sound/Doubtful Sound


Yes Milford Sound and/or Doubtful Sound are a long way from anywhere and it will take a lot of travelling to get there, that said don't sulk about the hassle and just go, it will be all worth it. Visitors come here to check out the stunning scenery and wildlife and there are plenty of ways to check it all out including flights, tours, cruises and guided walks.

One of our favourite ways to explore is by kayak and Go Orange have some great options at both locations. This company's emphasis is on safe adventures with fun, personality and pride and their smaller groups will ensure a personal experience. They also do cruises and other options so check them out. An awesome company to fly with are Fly Fiordland based in Te Anau. They fly to Milford and Doubtful Sound and can also get you to the lesser known places like Dusky Sound, ultra remote airstrips and even land on uninhabited beaches if you want to really get away from it all.

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