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Matt, from France, has been living in NZ for four years and has worked here as a packer, driver, editor and ground crew and is now our main parachute packer and is also a skydive cameraman. 

Matt started working at Skydive Franz on a three month work experience placement while gaining his Skydiving Diploma through the NZ Skydiving School

Now he's a skydive cameraman, he aims to continue to learn and eventually teach others to skydive and become a tandem instructor.

"I originally wanted to do something like my dad who is a helicopter pilot, it was actually my Dad who told me the skydive school existed," says Matt. "I've always been climbing buildings, jumping off buildings doing parkour and freerunning and I wanted that feeling in my every day job."

As an aside, Matt has spent two years travelling around New Zealand, so will be a wealth of information for other travellers.

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